School Says Sunnie Was Not Pressured To Leave

Timberlake, VA - Officials on behalf of Timberlake Christian announced Wednesday, Doris Thompson, Sunnie's great-grandmother and guardian, came to TCS school administrators first, looking for a solution to Sunnie's tom-boy tendencies.

A new statement with Timberlake Christian firing back has been released after accusations that the school forced out little Sunnie Kahle. Referred to in this text as "S.K.," "At no time did the Church or the School state or imply that S.K. was sexually immoral or the like. Yet, reports like this have appeared in the media. The School has never told S.K. she cannot return to school" it reads.

"This is not something where the school is making these overtures or initiations, it initiated from the great-grandparents" said Mat Staver.

Staver, of Liberty Counsel, spoke on behalf of Timberlake Christian, explaining that Doris and Carroll Thompson came to school officials with their concerns after Sunnie started dressing like a boy.

"There's no question, unfortunately that they are skewing this story and created a media scenario out of this and actually unfortunately misrepresented information and facts of what has been happening at the school" said Staver.

"The teacher was concerned and the teacher talked to me about it and she said I was the parent, quote 'you're the parent, you need to do something about this'" said Thompson.

Thompson said she was contacted first, by a concerned teacher 5 years ago. The latest development after years of issues with Timberlake Christian, culminated, she says, with a letter from an administrator, saying that if Sunnie and her family didn't "clearly understand that God has made her female and her dress and behavior need to follow suit with her God-ordained identity, that TCS is not the best place for her future education."

"The pastor said he was sorry, it was his fault that the letter got sent instead of asking us to come to the school" said Thompson.

"I don't think it's fair to my daughter. She's been there since she was a young little Pre-K" said Rebecca Lewis.

Lewis is Sunnie's mother. She spoke out for the first time Wednesday, explaining that her grandparents are her daughter's guardians because of a teen pregnancy, and subsequent drug abuse.

"She's going to go through challenges in her life cause we all do, and it's going to make her a stronger person, and us being a close-knit family, I feel like this is going to be for the best" she said.

Timberlake Christian said they hope still to sit down and talk with the Thompson's. They said they never wanted Sunnie to leave. The Thompsons said they have no desire to re-enroll her at TCS.

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