School Board Votes 4-3 to Close Body Camp School, Moneta E.S. to Remain Open

UPDATE: 7:08 p.m.Bedford Co., VA - The Bedford County school board voted 4-3 to close Body Camp Elementary School effective June 30, 2015 in a special meeting Thursday night.The motion the close Moneta Elementary School failed moments earlier.Both schools need work to stay open and are only seven miles apart. Since word of the possible closures, parents, teachers, students, and business owners have shown their support for their respective schools. ABC 13 will have complete reaction to the school board's decision on and on ABC 13 News.------------------------------ Bedford Co., VA - The Bedford County School Board is expected to make a final decision Thursday night about closing one of the county's elementary schools. ABC 13 has followed this from the very beginning for you. A special meeting convened at the Bedford Science and Technology Center to determine if Moneta Elementary or Body Camp will be forced to close its doors for good. Both of the schools have parents fired up, putting pressure on the board to keep their kids where they are. ABC 13 spoke with school system officials earlier Thursday night who said the decision could go one of two ways: the board can decide to close one of the two or neither, and postpone a closure till next school year. A state school system review recommended closing two elementary schools. Many have told ABC 13 that closing Moneta and Body Camp is out of the question. The two are located in the same zone, and if both closed, the closings would require students to travel too far. Board members identified the two schools because of their close proximity to one another, making redistricting a little easier. The meeting started at 6 p.m. ABC 13 will bring you the board's decision as soon as we get it and have reaction tonight on 13 News at 11.