Scaremare Celebrating 40 Scary Years

Lynchburg, VA - Liberty University is expanding Scaremare in honor of its 40 year anniversary.

The 40 minute experience of creepy trails, dark woods and house of horrors will be twice as long this year.

Organizers are being tight-lipped about the details but say they're adding a vortex tunnel and a themed building.

Scaremare has grown tremendously from just a few thousand visitors when it first started to roughly 25,000 people last year.

But, organizers say one thing that hasn't changed is the Christian message.

"We just believe that there is a life after death. And we need to address that spiritual matter in all of our lives. So this is kind of a unique way to do it," said Dr. Stephen Vandegriff.

Scaremare runs Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights during the last three weekends in October.

Organizers say although the experience may be twice as long, you won't have to pay anymore for it. General admission tickets are the same as last year $8 a person. You can get more information on Scaremare's website.