Scams Emerge After Boston Tragedy

Consumer advocates are warning about scams in the wake of the Boston Marathon attacks.

At least 125 online domains with names that sound like they're related to the tragedy popped up in just the first four hours after the bombings.

Some of those domains might be actual new charities, some were likely bought up by people looking to re-sell them for a profit, while others could be fronts for scams.

The Better Business Bureau says it's too soon to tell the difference.

"If it's a brand new charity, I'm not saying that's not a good thing," said Tom Gallagher with the Better Business Bureau in Central Virginia. "You just don't have any track record. You don't know how that money's going to be used."

The Red Cross says it has enough blood and money to take care of the immediate demand in Boston, but donations to the Disaster Relief Fund are always welcome.

The Governor of Massachusetts and Mayor of Boston have together established The One Fund Boston to help those most affected.