Scam Alert in Martinsville

Martinsville, VA - A 78 year old Martinsville woman was scammed out of $4000.The Martinsville Police Department is currently investigating phone scam in which an elderly woman received a call from a person she thought was her granddaughter.The granddaughter was crying and said she was in a car with someone who had been drinking and they searched the car and found drugs so they all got arrested.A person pretending to be an officer got on the phone and said he was Officer Pebbles from New York and her bond was $4000 and she could get her out of jail by going to CVS and buying Money Paks.The woman obtained the Money Paks and called the person back to give them the scratched off numbers.The granddaughter was eventually contacted and she wasn't actually ever in jail.Anyone with information on this incident is asked to call the Martinsville Police Department.