Saturated Grounds Causing Trees to Fall

Forest, VA - Wet weather is causing lots of headaches for some homeowners. The ground has been so saturated, when heavy winds blow through the area, trees can topple over.

"The house right next door was crushed," said homeowner John Power flipping through a stack of recent photographs. "This branch cut like butter right though to the foundation."

It is a frustrating situation several people are dealing with on Forest Oaks Drive, including John Powers and his wife Martha.

"This is the uprooted tree that you see here laying to my left. it's the tree that uprooted at our house," said Powers.

Powers lives in Forest, in a forest. He is a naturalist, but he could not prevent what happened next to a tree.

"Sure enough it had come totally down and it had totally taken out the deer fence," said Powers.

Powers' story dates back about two weeks ago, when heavy rain and wind hit the area. A tree uprooted, but was propped up by another one. His family left town and got quite the surprise when they returned Sunday.

"Oh boy, not again. Because it does happen quite a few times. We had it with the Derecho," said Powers' wife Martha Herron.

Urban Forester Klaus Schreiber says downed trees haven't been a big problem in the city.

"The soil tends to be pretty heavily compacted in that area which means most of the water tends to run off rather than soak in," said Schreiber. "If you're concerned about a tree in particular, the best thing to do is to contact a certified arborist."

It is a good precaution to check the trees around your home. If any appear to be leaning, do not worry. Urban Foresters say that is not necessarily a bad thing. If the leaning was gradual, there is a high probability the tree is trying to get sunlight. But call a professional if you have any questions.