'Santa to a Senior' Gets Every Participant a Gift

Lynchburg, VA - The 'Santa to a Senior' program got the greatest Christmas gift of all this year: every senior citizen that asked for a gift this year got one in the end.

Seniors at the McGurk House in Lynchburg were very excited to get their gifts. 89 people call the McGurk House their home; 86 asked for a gift and all got one.

Home Instead Senior Care started the program. Early December, donations were short and there was concern not every senior would get a gift. But, in the end, people stepped up.

"We run a low-income housing for senior citizens, and for a lot of our residents that's the only Christmas they receive, so it's a big deal for them," said Victoria Johnson, manager, McGurk House.

The McGurk House is just one participant. In total, 1,300 seniors in Lynchburg got a gift, as did more than 1,100 in Roanoke!

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