Sandy Victims Embrace Appomattox Volunteers

Appomattox, VA - A group of volunteers from Appomattox just got back from New York after helping victims of Superstorm Sandy.

The recent flooding caused by Sandy left behind a lot of mold.

The local volunteers' include 4 members of Liberty Baptist Church in Appomattox. Their job consisted mostly of tearing down drywall to get the mold out.

The group is part of the larger Southern Baptist Convention, who do a lot more than just pick up the pieces.

Weeks after the flood waters receded, the volunteers were surprised at what they found in Long Island, New York.

"We popped a piece off the floor and said ooh look here," said Volunteer Susanne Wood.

The workers tore out insulation and ripped up floors.

There was water standing underneath," Wood said.

In between work the local volunteers ministered to storm victims, handing out Bibles and praying with them.

"I think it gave them hope," said Volunteer Herbert Hamlett.

The volunteers say they were surprised by the response they received from the victims.

"It was overwhelming," explained Volunteer Bill Roraback. It changed my whole attitude about New Yorkers."

The New Yorkers embraced them with open arms.

They were literally hugging us in the Pizzeria," Roraback said.

At a pizza shop in Baldwin, New York, one patron put $100 toward the volunteer's dinner. Another person forked up another $20. The manager of the pizza shop decided to pay for the rest.

"I always thought of New Yorkers as loud mouthed and impossible to deal with," Roraback said.

"It lets you know rather quickly that the bad wrap that New Yorkers get is not necessarily true," Volunteer Don Falls added.

After only a few days home, the local workers say they are ready to go back and help again.

It was a very good feeling, because we went up to blessed, not to be blessed, but we were," said Susanne Wood.

The volunteers say that 14 people were eating pizza the day their bill was paid so the tab wasn't small.

One of the volunteers also said that out of the hundreds of trips he's been on, this most recent one was the most rewarding.