Sandy Hits Home, Waiting to Hear From Family

Somers, NY - For ABC 13's James Gherardi, New York is home. For him, the last two days have been pretty scary, trying to get a hold of friends and family making sure everyone is alright.

Here is his story:

It's not too often in the news when we get to share our personal experiences. But with this Superstorm, I felt I'd open up.

Not being able to reach friends and family can be scary. And though I'm hundreds of miles away, this storm hit me pretty hard.

It's not every day when national news hits home.

After seeing all the tri-state devastation, and knowing that my family was right in the middle of it, my day at work, changed.

"Hi, 'Hi Mom?' Yea," work was mixed with watching Sandy coverage, and checking in on family.

John and Julie Gherardi, my Mom and Dad, have lived in the same house in Somers, New York, since I was born.

Pictures, of my backyard, with titanic trees snapped like twigs, shook me to my core.

"You guys are pretty lucky a tree didn't fall into the house right?" I asked my Mom.

"We are, we're pretty lucky," she said.

My Dad had this to say, when the worst of Sandy tore through town.

"Last night, I told Mommy, look at the lightning outside. And then we figured out that it wasn't lightening. There were transformer boxes blowing up all over town, and it was lighting up the sky," he said.

Pictures from friends and family show a similar scene all over New York.

Fortunately, I was able to hear from my parents immediately. But that wasn't the case with everyone.

I called my cousin repeatedly. I haven't heard from her since the storm hit. She lives in Hoboken with her husband, and her apartment is apparently under four feet of water.

"Hey you've reached Andrea," call after call, went straight to voicemail.

Until finally, hours later, an answer on the other end.

"Hello? 'John?!'"

My cousin's husband had his phone on for a brief moment to update family. What he had to say wasn't exactly reassuring, "All last night, all of the streets were completely flooded; we couldn't even get off our stoop. We watched a car float down the street," he said.

Fortunately this story has a happy ending.

My cousin Andrea and her husband John are doing ok. They said water levels have gone back down in Hoboken.

And my parents, they say they're not looking forward to the long clean up ahead.