Sandy Causes Some Travel Cancellations in Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - Hurricane Sandy is stalling travel plans for millions of people along the East Coast Monday.

Lynchburg's Amtrak has shut down Monday and Tuesday since its line runs up the Northeast Corridor right into Sandy's path. Officials say if your train got canceled, Amtrak will try to reschedule you a new time. If that doesn't work, they will give you a refund.

Lynchburg Regional Airport is operating as normal at least for now.

Flights in many parts of the country are running just fine. For Director Mark Courtney, the flights to the northeast are the only problem.

"Certainly, if you're flying to the Northeast today, your flight has probably already been canceled in Charlotte, so again, check with the airline," said Courtney.

Monday morning, wind speeds were okay for flying. But, if the gusts forecasted Monday night into Tuesday sweep through the Hill City, they will cancel flights.

"If it gets beyond a certain point, obviously, in the interest of safety, they would be curtailing flights just because of that," said Courtney.

Little wind and drizzle allowed for a typical commute Monday morning, leaving Lynchburg Public Works to its typical fall routine.

Right now, with very little wind and very little rain, we're back to doing our normal type of work. Today, we began picking up leaves," said Dave Owens, director of public works.

Unlike the June derecho, Lynchburg's had days of warnings about Sandy. For this windstorm, there was time to prepare.

"We are monitoring it, watching it. And if it does turn for the worst, then we'll have our staff ready as well as our trucks and resources," said Owens.

Still, VDOT officials urge drivers to stay off the roads once the weather turns for the worst.