Sandusky Students Report Hearing Threats, Lynchburg Woman Arrested

Lynchburg, VA - A 32-year-old Lynchburg woman has been arrested after police say she made statements within ear-shot of students that raised concerns about the safety of an area middle school.

Jennifer Lockett is charged with disorderly conduct.

The incident happened Wednesday morning when police say students from Sandusky Middle School overheard Lockett make the threatening statement.

The incident happened on Florida Avenue, not on school grounds.

Students reported the statements to security at Sandusky Middle, who then contacted Lynchburg police.

By Wednesday afternoon, Lockett had been arrested.

"We take all threats at the city schools, at any of our schools, seriously and we investigate them," said Lynchburg Police Department Captain Whit Clark.

Lockett is not faculty or staff at Sandusky Middle, but is the parent of a student at the school.