Same Sex Marriage Advocates Go To Courthouse Despite Ruling

Roanoke, VA - The hold on same sex marriages in Virginia didn't stop some people from heading to the courthouse Thursday anyway. In front of the TV crews, at 8 a.m. sharp, Reverend Joe Cobb held a press conference instead of the four same sex wedding ceremonies he planned to officiate. "I felt it was important to honor the moment that many couples had prepared for it. And to honor this step in justice," said Cobb. "Disappointed. Very disappointed."Franklin County's Janice Morairu and Kay Christianson - together for 34 years now, planned to get married as well. "Now we have to postpone our plans. We're very hopeful that this is going to come to pass and that Virginia is going to be the state that helps it roll," said Morairu

While a Quinnipiac University poll this spring showed 50% of Virginians agree with allowing same sex marriage, 43% don't.

People like Pastor Levi Dent would be a "don't" and came to represent his side... even if futile.

"I feel like there's too much power not to pass. It's too political not to pass it but I can still stand on what I believe," said Dent.

Danny Knowles isn't for it ... but he's not against it either.

He too joins the overall consensus here among both sides.

"Eventually it is going to happen. They're just wasting a lot of time on it. I mean there's a lot of bigger issues that could be solved with the time they are wasting on gay marriage."