Salvation Army Takes People in from Freezing Temps

Lynchburg, VA - Freezing temperatures can be especially hard on the homeless.

The Salvation Army in Lynchburg has their doors open, as always, to welcome those who have nowhere else to stay warm.

Staff there says they're capable of sleeping 75 people. However if the demand exceeds that number, they will not turn anyone away.

In extreme cold, they open their cafeteria and allow people to sleep there.

For those who don't want to stay the night, the Salvation Army has options for them to warm up as well.

"We don't give blankets out unless they're staying out in their vehicle or something, we'll do that. But they can come in, they can get a coffee, whatever we have back in the cafeteria at the time" said Salvation Army Deputy Director Wayne Wade.

Or, those who need one can come pick up a jacket. The Salvation Army gives those out all winter long.