Salute to Lynchburg's First Black Nurse

Lynchburg, VA - At 88 years old, Scottie Bevley is a true piece of history. If you ask her, though, she will tell you do not focus on her title.

"Nothing to brag about, it was a job at the time," said Bevley. "A lot of times we put too many things on our title and not on what you can do. You go to school to do these things, when you come out, you don't flaunt it."

To Bevley, it was not about being the "first" of anything; it was about her passion and helping those in need.

"There's so many people that are much much less fortunate than I am," said Bevley.

Bevley graduated from Dunbar High School in 1944. She went on to graduate from nursing school before finishing up at St. Philip School of Nursing in Richmond in 1950. That is when Bevley decided to apply for a nursing position in Lynchburg.

"She told me at the time, they weren't hiring black nurses," said Bevley.

Still determined, she moved to Lynchburg, got married and started a family. Three years later, her phone rang.

"The director of nurses called me and she hired me," said Bevley.

In 1953, Bevley became the first black Registered Nurse at Lynchburg General Hospital. Bevley held that position for 16 years before taking the job as Clinical Instructor for the School of Practical Nursing. She says making a difference is what mattered to her, not the title.