Salt on the Roads Can Lead to Rusting Vehicles

Danville, VA - Everyone knows winter weather leads to salt on the roads. It makes driving much safer, but it can also damage your car.

Experts say keeping your car clean after a storm is a must.

Pee-Wee's Auto Detailing has been pretty quiet all day, but if the predicted snow flurries make it to Danville, he knows business will be booming.

"After the snow we be busy, real busy, " said owner Clarence Evans.

After a snowstorm, he takes great care to make sure there are no traces of salt left behind on the cars he cleans.

"We have a solution we spray underneath the car and then we take just a water hose and wash it down, " Evans said.

If salt is left on too long, it could do some serious damage.

"If you leave it on there a long length of time, it will rust...cause rust on the vehicle, Evans said.

Robert Woodall's Collison Center, they've seen firsthand the kind of safety concerns undercarriage rust can create.

"The brakes and the fuel lines are the worst thing. If brake lines rust, they rupture, then brakes fail, " said manager David Gregory.

He says rust damage is repairable, but Gregory's advice in the last stretch of winter is to save yourself a lot of trouble down the road with a quick visit to the detail shop.

"You can repair it. You can replace the calipers, the rotors, the brake lines and all that if you have high corrosion, but the main thing is keeping it clean, " Gregory said.

Evans says to avoid these issues always opt for the undercarriage cleaning option after it snows.

And if you're cleaning your vehicle yourself, never use a pressure washer to rinse off the salt because that may cause damage as well.