Salem Man Found Guilty on Unlawful Filming Charges

Dewayne Barger

Salem, VA - A former high school volleyball coach and assistant director of the NRV Volleyball Association found guilty of secretly filming nearly 20 teenage girls as they changed clothes.

Dewayne Barger, 37, faces up to 105 years in prison on the 21 charges.

This plea agreement will spare the 18 victims, ranging from 13 to 17 years in age, from having to testify at a trial that was set to get underway in Friday morning.

As the disgraced former coach left the Salem Courthouse a free man for possibly just a few more months, Barger had nothing to say to reporters interested in hearing an explanation.

Moments before, the 37-year-old pleaded no contest to 13 charges of secretly taping 17 teenage girls that come from various counties in our area. Plus an additional eight felonies related to attempted filming. All carry up to five years each.

"I hope everybody learns a lesson from this. You gotta pay attention," said Trey Gregory.

Gregory's daughter played for Barger for years, and while his daughter was not a victim to his knowledge, he still wanted to come to look the former coach in the eye on behalf of all his former players' families.

But the blame, he says doesn't belong just to Barger.

"At this point I think he is a low life. He violated girls that looked up to him and they trusted him by default. Once again, they had a head coach that they were trusting who said, 'Trust this man also,' and they did and he flat out abused it. He violated them," said Gregory.

The girls were invited by Barger to try on uniforms at a Salem church. The incident, according to Gregory, has changed the culture of this

"They will live and learn from this. There is no question about that. So I think in the future moving forward it will obviously be better."

An 18th known victim not involved with volleyball - Barger's former fiancé's teenage sister -- was filmed a number of times as she bathed at the couple's home.

Barger's explanation to police was that it was all accidental. He will be sentenced on December 19.