Safety Officials Encourage Use Of Proper River Equipment

Amherst Co., VA - A word of warning for recreational use of area rivers and lakes. Local public safety officials are cautioning, if you are heading out on local lakes and rivers, using the right equipment is a must. In particular, everyone should wear a life-vest when in the water. Additionally, tubes used for pools they say, are not adequate for rivers and lakes. Pool toys are thin, and not durable enough for natural water ways. If out on a river, make sure to use a float made for it. "They're designed for those types of environments. If you just take a regular rubber raft or noodle type thing that you float around in your backyard pool on, they're much thinner material, a thinner gauge, they're not designed for that type of environment and again you're just asking for an accident to happen and you're putting your life and the lives of others in danger" said Gary Roakes, the Amherst County Public Safety Director. Many sporting goods stores sell natural water specific floats.