Safety Encouraged After Rash of Halifax Co. Brush Fires

Halifax Co., VA - Firefighters in the Halifax County area stayed very busy Wednesday afternoon after a rash of brush fires.

They say in that one afternoon they fought six fires.

The Department of Forestry says almost all of them could have been prevented.

Wednesday definitely put a strain on many of the volunteer fire departments that usually have limited resources during the day.

Crews say the biggest fire happened on Winn Creek Road near Halifax.

The fire burned 10 acres of land.

The Department of Forestry says so far this year they've responded to 30 fires and want to let people know how to avoid these fires that sometimes spread so quickly.

First and foremost, officials say people must obey the no burning before 4 p.m. law until April 30, otherwise you can be fined $500.

If you do burn, you're only allowed to burn two things: vegetative debris and household garbage

Make sure humidity is high and the wind is calm and stay with the fire.

"Sometimes people light a fire and go inside and think that it's ok even after 4 p.m., burning within the law, but they don't attend it and it's very difficult to keep and eye on the fire. It can easily escape," said Emergency Services Coordinator for Halifax County Kirby Saunders.

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