Safe Containing Historical Data Stolen From Appomattox Church

Appomattox Co., VA - A Concord area church gets broken into, and now the Appomattox County Sheriff's Office is searching for the people responsible.

Members say it happened between Wednesday evening and early Thursday.

Trinity United Methodist Church is missing a piece of its history. In honor of its 150th anniversary, members have been gathering historical data about the church. Those historical documents were inside a safe that's now missing.

There's still a busted basement window and fingerprint evidence along an inner wall.

"I hope it's something that, I hope it's someone that we don't know. You just feel violated. That's the biggest thing," said Marietta Irby.

The 600 pound safe was flood proof and fireproof.

"Unless you slid it across the floor it would take three or four people," said Paul Allen.

But members learned on Thursday no place, not even God's house is theft-proof.

"You don't want to judge and think that it could be someone from the area. But, we don't know," said Irby.

Inside the safe were deeds, church records dating back to its founding...

"The church was built in 1867, remodeled in 1923," said Irby.

It also had the names of the people buried in the cemetery plots.

"We have lost something that we really needed," said Allen.

For members, it's a personal piece of history.

"I was married 43 years ago at this church and both of my children were baptized here."

A 42-inch plasma, an expensive audio system and precious metals were left behind.

Sheriff Barry Letterman says investigators are following up on some leads. But for members it's a constant test, a constant lesson on the power of forgiveness.

"We're not supposed to be angry. It's just something that was lost that we can overcome," said Allen.

Members believe the thieves used a rope to drag the safe out of the building and backed up a truck to get it out of the door.

Anyone with information on this can call the Appomattox County Sheriff's Office at 434-352-2666.