Ryan and Rachel

Ryan Gatewood and Rachel Eames{}are both from Danville{}and{}both attended Tunstall High School.{}The two had been dating for a little more than a year when Ryan decided to buy an engagement ring.{} He got Rachel's father's blessing and began his plan on how to ask her to marry him. He{}decided to do it on Valentine's Day 2013. Ryan spent the next month and a half creating a scrapbook of their life together. The last page of the scrapbook was a picture of{}Ryan with the ring and a sign that said "Will you marry me?".

As the day approached, Ryan prepared a romantic meal in his apartment.{} Afterwards, the two{}exchanged gifts. Ryan told Rachel he had{}one more surprise. He then went into the other room and came back with the scrapbook and the ring in his back pocket. Rachel flipped through the{}book{}very slowly, reliving the memories. When she got to the last page,{}Ryan knelt down on one knee, opened the box and asked{}his best friend to marry him. Rachel said yes and the two are now preparing for their big day with family and friends.