Nathan Norman Headed to Inauguration as Guest of Secret Service

Rustburg, VA - When the Secret Service visited Nathan Norman back in December they brought greetings from the President, and something the Norman family never expected--an invitation to witness history in the making.

As a 5-year-old boy battling cancer, all Nathan Norman wanted was to decorate for Christmas in September.

"Nathan had asked when we got home if we would put up our Christmas tree and our lights. He thought that would make him feel better because he didn't feel good, So what we have right now is Christmas on September 26th of 2012," said Dawn Norman, Nathan's mother, back in September.

"If he asks us to leave it up, we may leave it up all year," said Bobby Norman, Nathan's dad, also back in September.

With Christmas decorations still adorning the Norman house, and that five-year-old boy, now six. Nathan Norman has touched the lives of millions, all across the world, and experienced things many could only dream about.

"God has allowed Nathan to have a life time of memories over this last year," said Dawn.

But the biggest honor yet, is still to come.

"President Obama," said Nathan.

As the President is being sworn in, Nathan will be close by, taking part in our nation's history.

"I don't know that he grasps the scope of who he's going to meet," said Bobby.

"Now since they have been showing a lot of President Obama on the news, every time he sees him on the news he'll be like 'hey there's the president, we're going to see him," said Dawn.

With shirts, ties, and dresses already picked out, the Norman kids are ready to go.

When we asked a few of the Norman kids what they were excited about, they were quick to respond.

"The Parade," said Nathan.

"Probably seeing the parade," said Sarah Norman, Nathan's sister.

"Maybe meeting the President," said Matthew, Nathan's brother.

As for mom and dad, they're excited too, but also just a little nervous.

"As a mom, honestly my thought is keeping all four kids together, safe, and in one spot," said Dawn.

The family left Sunday morning for DC. They really don't know many details about the trip. All they know is that Secret Service will pick them up from their hotel Monday morning.

They also have already been invited back to Washington DC in the spring to tour the White House.