Childhood Art Turned Christmas Tradition

Rustburg, VA - Families everywhere are practicing their own holiday traditions,{}while{}others{}may be creating new ones this year.

One Rustburg family has a unique tradition that began with one of their grandchildren,{}Adam Johnson. Adam was born on Christmas 32 years ago. Decades later, his talent for gifting turned in to more than{}what his grandparents could ever have imagined.{}

Like most grandparents, Ruth and Fulton Johnson like to brag about their grand kids.

"This is when he was six," said Ruth, showing us a picture.

The first Christmas present they got from their first grandchild, Adam, was a drawing of Santa Clause.

"It's just so special to us," said Ruth.

"I said, 'My, my, my, what creativity you've got here," said Fulton.

Every year, from the age of four, the grandparents encouraged Adam to draw another picture. Neither of them knowing how much that talent would grow.

"When he was in middle school, we had to say, 'Please, do us a Santa Clause and, reluctantly, he would draw what he thought looked like Santa Clause,'" said Ruth.

Now, Adam is 32, and they have a room dedicated to his work. Featuring everything from a Rock n' Roll Santa to a darker one.

"I've heard some people say, 'Well, I don't really like that.' Well, I say, 'It isn't yours, so you don't have to like it,'" said Ruth.

As the tradition goes, every year on Christmas Eve, Adam delivers a new one. And this year, they were as surprised as ever. Adam delivers a picture of his grandparent's Rustburg home with Santa sitting on the roof.

"That is so neat; that is just wonderful," said Ruth.

The Johnsons say they are proud of all of their grandchildren, who have unique talents of their own. This is the last Christmas they'll be able to share this tradition in their house. Come spring, they'll be moving to assisted living after 50 years in their Rustburg home.