Rustburg Area Farm Joining the Growing Trend of Opening Stores to the Public

Rustburg, VA - Farmers are doing whatever they can to stand out from the rest by opening their farms to the public.

The most recent census shows tens of thousands of farmers nationwide are selling jams and fruits, hosting corn mazes, and even birthday parties on small farms.

Just outside of downtown Rustburg sits Yoders' Farm. It's been around for four generations.

"I've grown up here. I've enjoyed it. I think other folks will too," said Delvin Yoder.

Yoder got his land from his dad, and wasn't afraid to put his own stamp on it.

"We sold the dairy cows two and a half years ago, and since then it's been mainly produce," Yoder said.

The Yoders opened up a store, allowing them to start selling their produce directly to the customer. They offer corn, tomatoes, jam, even cookbooks on their farm.

"Here locally we have a great group of people that are interested in agriculture, interested in farmers. We feel very supported by the community," Yoder said.

"We need people out there that are supporting agriculture," said Campbell County Agriculture Agent Todd Scott.

Scott says more of his farmers are opening their farms to the public and reaching out beyond the wholesale market.

The 2007 census shows more than 78,000 farms nationwide are opening their farms like the Yoders are doing.