Rumor of Threat at Amherst Co. Schools Startle Students

Amherst, Co, - VA - On the first day back after Friday's shootings, Amherst County high school got an anonymous phone call that a student may be a danger to himself or others.

Empty threats and rumors get to the school resource officer all the time, but especially now they aren't taking any chances.

"It's just a rumor but you still have to act on it because it don't act on it and you really did have something or they really did want to hurt somebody then it goes back on us," Louis Goldman said.

In light of Newtown's tragedy, Amherst county school administrators are reviewing their own crisis management plans and it started with touring school facilities.

One of the measures involves replacing classroom doors that can't lock from the inside.

They're also looking at the number of school resource officers and the four out of five positions cut in recent years.

"Yeah, I think it's a great deterrent having a cop in the school with a gun on him," said Louis Goldman.

"We hope that our students are safe. We ensure our parents that they will be safe and that we'll provide a safe environment," Assistant Superintendent Julie Roger said.

Just like Sandy Hook, every school entrance in Amherst County is locked and monitored with security cameras during school hours.Students and staff also practice intruder drills.

"Securing their rooms, making sure the entrance and exit doors are locked, windows are secured, students are out of the way," said Principal Hand.

Hand says his staff will continue to prepare, he has no doubt his teachers would risk it all.

"To make sure that children survive and making sure that children have a life," Hand says.