Royal Baby Buzz Spills Over Into Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - Monday, the baby set to be King was all anyone was talking about.

And what a day to be born it was, so many mothers worldwide sharing the special day with Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Locally, that's no exception.

One Lynchburg mother she birthed triplets on the same day the future King of England was born. The excitement even here, on the other side of the ocean, still felt by so many.

All the royal baby buzz has spilled over from the other side of the pond, and landed right here in Lynchburg.

"They're real healthy, beautiful and everything" said first time Mom, Tiffany Donald.

At Virginia Baptist, it was a maternity miracle. Donald birthed triplets; the three girls born eight weeks early, on the same day as the future King of England.

Their names have extra special meaning, "Faith, Hope, and Grace" said Donald.

When asked if she felt three times as blessed, Donald replied, "Yes I do, I honestly do."

Overall, nurses say, an average day in the maternity ward, "Thus far we've had four moms deliver all girls" said Charlotte Jennings, a Maternity Nurse.

One of them, Kim Sebo's sister has an extra special connection to this regal delivery day.

"My sister had her first baby at the exact same time the Prince was born at 4:24. It was pretty exciting, we're hoping they get married one day!" she said.

And you didn't have to be in the delivery room to share in all the English excitement.

At The Ploughcroft Tea Room in Lynchburg, "I'm tremendously happy it's a boy" said owner, Pat Hutto.

Hutto, a native of England was thrilled that the third in line to the throne had been born.

"I am sure that William and Kate's little boy is going to be a magnificent King. I think Great Britain is probably celebrating a lot, they have street parties and things like that" she said.

And Hutto is sure even thousands of miles away, to not skip out on all that fun.

"I'm going to tomorrow put a big banner outside saying it's a boy!" she said.

As for names, Hutto is thinking the future King will be kept traditional, maybe George or Phillip.