Roseland Community Holds Fundraiser for Murphy's Family

Nelson Co., VA - Saturday marked three weeks since 17-year-old Alexis Murphy was last seen at a Liberty Gas Station.

Since then, her mother and father have been out of work, searching for their daughter.

The community came together Saturday to raise money for the Murphy family.

The Streets Elements Auto Club hosted Saturday's event to help the family out a bit.

The event was a chance to collect some additional funds for the family so they can pay down some of their mounting bills.

T-shirts for sale, a bake sale, and a car show all were part of the fundraiser.

Chad Turner is the President of Street Elements Auto Club.

"It's so close to home, we know the family real well, so it was very important for us to do something for the family," Turner said.

The club has auto shows often, but Saturday's had a special meaning.

"I hope today accomplishes bringing everybody together, and just helping the family out with some of their finances and things," Turner said.

Alexis' Aunt, Trina Murphy, says the community is what has gotten her family through these past two weeks.

"Her parents aren't working right now, until we can find her and bring her home, but the real world continues and they still have bills that need to be paid, and once again this is just once again a testament to the community that we live in," Trina Murphy said. "Going to car shows and participating in car shows is something I have done sine probably 1989."

One of the biggest hits of the car show was the van Trina Murphy owns. Her father built it in the 1980's and dedicated it to all the fallen soldiers in the Vietnam War.

"We pretty much just took a 1989 GMV van and gutted it and started over," Trina Murphy said.

Many of the folks at the fundraiser say they have never been to a car show before, but they didn't want to miss this one.

"It's definitely a good cause and needs all of the help they can get," Louise McBroom said.

Organizers say they had a great turnout and were able to raise quite a bit of money for the family. There was no word yet on an amount as of this writing.

ABC 13 also spoke with investigators Saturday searching for Murphy. They say their search of the piece of land the ABC 13 told you about last week did not produce any clues.

Investigators do say they are organizing to search another place next week.

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