Roommate of Slain Liberty Student Remains Shocked

Lynchburg, VA - A Liberty University student says he's still trying to come to grips with the death of his roommate, a freshman who was shot and killed by a security officer at a dormitory.

Joshua Hathaway, 19, of Lubbock, Texas was fatally shot last Tuesday at the off-campus women's dormitory.

Hathaway's roommate, Sean Wong, says that he still can't believe what happened.

Wong, Hathaway and another student shared a room across the street from where Hathaway died.

Wong says he last saw Hathaway about six hours before his death. Wong recalls Hathaway saying his day had gone "pretty good" and that he needed to print some homework at a dorm computer lab.

Several hours later, Lynchburg detectives delivered the news to Wong that Hathaway had been shot.