Romney Campaign Launches New Ad In Virginia

Lynchburg, VA - Just after the completion of the Democratic National Convention, Republican Mitt Romney has announced a new television ad campaign.

15 different ads, airing in eight different battle ground states, including Virginia; they target key issues in each of the states where they're airing.

In Virginia, it's energy. Romney accuses the President of "waging a war on coal, oil, and gas."

"This president cannot tell us that you're better off today than when you took office," are the opening words of Mitt Romney's new ad in Virginia.

It begins on the stage of the RNC, and from the Republican National Convention, Mitt Romney's latest TV ad takes a turn straight for Virginia Voters.

"Here in Virginia, we're not better off under President Obama. His war on coal, gas, and oil is crushing energy and manufacturing jobs," a sentiment heard loud and clear, following one rough August jobs report.

Last month, only 96,000 jobs were created nationally, that's 30,000 fewer than economists had expected.

"We want the folks there in the Commonwealth to understand what Governor Romney will do to create jobs. His specific plan that includes energy independence by 2020, trade that works for America," said Lanhee Chen, the Policy Director for the Romney Campaign.

Romney's targeting the coal commonwealth; saying President Obama's neglect of the coal industry is a neglect of thousands of jobs.

"Mitt Romney's got a plan that would give states more authority over energy exploration within their borders. He's got a plan to work with our partners in Canada and Mexico to make sure that we bring energy to the United States," said Chen.

"The goal of ads really aren't now about changing anybody's mind, it's about raising voter intensity," said Sweet Briar College Government Professor, Steve Bragaw.

Experts say most minds are made up. These ads won't be swaying Virginia voters, but maybe persuading them to get out and vote.

"Republicans and Democrats are going to be running ads which are designed to get their people out, not really change any minds in the middle, because really in this election, there aren't many minds to be changed in the middle," said Bragaw.

With only 60 days till the election, the latest polls show the President and Mitt Romney in a dead heat in Virginia.