Rocky Mount Police Investigate Illegal Dumping of Solid Waste

Rocky Mount, VA - The Rocky Mount police department executed multiple search warrants Wednesday connected to septic hauling companies they suspect have illegally dumped sewage.

The large scale investigation now includes multiple agencies, including those on the state and federal level.

Police say it all began when the Rocky Mount water treatment plant was noticing a sharp drop in their pH levels, indicating that perhaps someone was illegally dumping mass amounts of sewage where they shouldn't be.

The findings prompted an investigation which police say revealed that A plus septic of Rocky Mount was involved in the illegal dumping.

According to police, on one instance, the truck operator of the company was seen dumping his entire 2,500 gallon load next to the Hope United Methodist Church in Franklin County.

Rocky Mount Police and other agencies were executing search warrants for another company Wednesday as well.

Police say these latest charges could just be the tip of the iceberg.

"When we began this investigation, we had one target and it very quickly became two targets so within a matter of a week it became two targets so it could very conceivably become much larger in scope of who we're looking at," said Investigator JN Harris.

The owner of A plus Septic is facing multiple charges including illegal dumping.

Police say those being investigated could face state and federal charges.

If you think you know of any illegal dumping in Franklin County, call the Rocky Mount Police Department at (540)483-9275.