Rockbridge Co. Hit Hard by Storm, Thousands Without Power

Lexington, VA - In Rockbridge County, thousands of people are still without power as temperatures get ready to drop below freezing.

County officials formed a makeshift emergency operations center there at the police station to coordinate their efforts because county wide, as thousands right now are without power, thousands more could be without as the winds begin to pick up into Wednesday night. It seems no part of Rockbridge County was left untouched by this storm.

After hours of snow, plow trucks turned to power trucks looking to fix what was left broken by nearly a foot of snow.

"Just down the road here, this Collierstown Road, less than two miles, there are two poles that are broken, snapped half in two, and there are fellas up there now replacing the poles," said Mary Clemmer, who lives in Collierstown, just outside of Lexington.

Clemmer's community sits under a foot of snow, and every one sits in the dark...

"It's dark also, it's going to be dark, and it's going to be cold on some people."

She volunteers at the local Effinger fire department, which is also without power. She came in to work regardless hoping those who need help would call anyway.

"If people do, if elderly people feel like they need us though and they need to go to the hospital, I hope that they will go ahead and they will call 911 because we can certainly still do that."

And in Lexington, it's a similar scene.

"No TV, no Internet, it's just like really boring," said a resident.

"I've gone all the way over to the Wal-Mart and the gas stations on that side and still haven't been able to find power. Came over to this side, no power," said another resident.

County officials are now figuring out how to help the thousands that remain without power as the sun sets, and temperatures drop.

"It seems like it's getting worse and that's why we opened the emergency operations center," said Robert Foresman, emergency management coordinator. "We're going to open up warming centers throughout the county and the city of Lexington."

And there are shelters throughout Rockbridge County that will remain open all night Wednesday. Officials ask if you are out of power and need any sort of assistance to make your way to one of these locations:

The following shelters are open as of 5:00PM. Anyone reporting to a shelter should bring any critical supplied and medications. Basic food and water are available.

- Walker's Creek Fire Dept

- Rockbridge Baths Fire Dept

- Raphine Volunteer Fire Dept

- Natural Bridge Fire Dept

- South River Fire Dept

- Buena Vista Rescue Squad

- Buena Vista Fire Dept

** Stonewall Jackson Hospital in Lexington -- Report to the ground level entrance on the south side of the building.

Shelters will be set up for overnight sheltering, though capacities may be limited at some sites.