Robotics Team in Henry Co. Prepares for Nationals, Wins Regionals

Henry Co., VA - A robotics team from Henry County has proved itself to be number one in the region for the second year in a row.

Piedmont Governor's School sent a team of students to the two-day tournament in Richmond that featured teams from all over the state. Now they are gearing up for the World Championship in April.

Teams from all over the state had the task of building a frisbee-throwing robot to battle against other robots. Winning required strategy, critical thinking and a lot of teamwork.

"We definitely had to learn some problem solving."

For their coach, the opportunity for students to apply skills they've learned in the classroom is the best part about competing.

"It teaches them, first of all, how to use what we're teaching them in the classroom...their math and science skills, and technology," said Brian Pace, director of Piedmont Governor's School.

But in order to turn their championship dreams into reality at the world competition in St. Louis, Pace says they need financial support.

"Even though we've qualified for St. Louis, it's still a very expensive venture. So, we're easily looking at probably thirteen to fifteen thousand dollars we are trying to gather together."

Pace is hopeful that the money will come. In the meantime, the students are preparing their strategy to make sure they come out on top.

"There were some very good robots out there last year, and I've already been scouting a couple of them that we will be seeing at the world competition this year, and it's looking pretty good," said a student.