Roanoke Valley SPCA to Split From Regional Pound

Roanoke, VA - The SPCA of the Roanoke Valley and the regional dog pound are parting ways. They finished 8 years out of a 20 year contract but say splitting is the best option right now.

SPCA Executive Director Barbara Dallhouse says she felt the SPCA was doing a great job but that it was a big distraction from their number one priority of saving animals.

Dallhouse says the move has been in the works for some time.

She says the Board of Directors of the nonprofit has withered under allegations of poor management -which they refute, saying they did the best they could with the budget provided.

But more importantly, the SPCA says its "no kill policy" is blurred by the fact that they run the pound as well - which euthanizes hundreds of animals a year.

The Regional Center, which serves Roanoke, Roanoke County, Vinton and Botetourt County, won't be affected though as the transfer of power will be done over the next few months.

"We decided it was time to take ownership of the operation and we wanted to handle it ourselves, especially since you're dealing with animal control officers, the community. It was just better felt that we needed a bigger presence there," said Botetourt County Administrator Kathleen Guzi.

The next step is for all the localities that use the Regional Center to come up with a plan and hire a new director.

That person will oversee the transition of the dog pound and staff from SPCA management which will take place in the new year.