Roanoke Tax Experts Warn Easy Tax Fix Claims

Roanoke, VA - As tax season gets into full swing, many people turn to self-proclaimed tax professionals that make it seem as they have the in to help you get out of your tax bill.

"Using somebody that has a 1-800 number and it's out of the area that's making promises, that in most cases, they can't keep is just a way to lose more money," warned Julie Wheeler of the Better Business Bureau.

Some services claim they can settle your tax debt for pennies on the dollar.

"I think most of the time it doesn't happen that way. The clients we've had that have tried that have paid $2,000, $3,000, $4,000 dollars," said Pat Barnes with Complete Small Business Solutions .

The customers still had to pay the tax bill.

"They'll write a letter or something and if the IRS doesn't say, 'ok', which it usually doesn't on the first try, then they say, "Oh... can't help you," Barnes said.

Actual situations where a bill is settled for pennies on the dollar are rare.

Experts say your best bet is to hire an accountant or a tax attorney if your liability is more than $2,000.

If your bill is less, experts say the best thing to do is to call the IRS yourself and set up a payment plan directly with them.