Roanoke SOL Numbers Released

Roanoke, VA - Tuesday was a big day for educators as final SOL results from this past spring were released.

Overall, across the state, there was good news in mathematics, but not so good news for English and science.

For a few months now, there have been ominous warnings from educators about concerns that are proving true, especially in reading and writing.

In Roanoke, Danville, and Lynchburg combined, only Danville third graders did better this year than last.

In Roanoke, where the drop averaged 17.8 percentage points district wide, the superintendent blames some of the problem on a technology gap suffered by students who do not have home computers.

More importantly, Dr. Rita Bishop said the state made late changes to the test which didn't allow for enough prep time.

"We had number of third graders in tears. And I will just tell you that my husband says in a rational world that might be called child abuse. We're talking about eight year olds... And that's very difficult for me. But I believe that the state will revise aspects of the test. They understand the predicament and it will probably be different this spring," Dr. Bishop said.

State Senator John Edwards said that he would consider entering legislation to require the commonwealth to give districts sufficient notice of change if approached by educational leaders.

It is an idea some of the leaders said is being batted around.