Roanoke Seniors Win State Volunteer Award

Roanoke, VA - A Roanoke couple was named this year's Virginia Outstanding Senior Volunteer for their work on regional trails.

Lyndell Bryant, 81, and his wife Peggy, 80, received the recognition Tuesday.

The Bryant's have spent thousands of hours helping to build and maintain as many as 75 trails.

Mr. Bryant says his doctor told him years ago to get all the fun out of your system early and that the key to long life is staying active.

"If you wanna stay healthy you gotta quit that by 40 or you will never see 75. I said, "You should have told me that ten years ago... I'm already 50!" But I took his advice and I made it to where i am now so I guess it works," said Lyndell Bryant.

The Salute to Seniors Program is sponsored by Home Instead Senior Care.

The Bryants were awarded $750 that went to two charities of their choosing.