Roanoke Residents Get a Glimpse of Capitol Christmas Tree

Roanoke, VA - Folks in Roanoke got a special treat Friday afternoon as the Capitol Christmas Tree made its way into downtown. Dozens of people stopped by to get a glimpse of the tree.

The 88-foot Engelmann spruce has been on the road from Colville National Forest, in Washington State, since November 1.

Well wishers were allowed to sign the banner that surrounds the tree. The stop also gave adults a chance to teach some extra lessons.

"We wanted the kids to come out. It's a big event to have a tree like this come through town and we wanted to have the chance to tell them a little bit about the National Forest and about Washington State; to get a sense of what's going to happen in Washington over the next month so they are very excited about it," said Jeff Schueler, the cub master.

Also known as "The People's Tree," once all decorated and strung with lights it will be lit in an official ceremony in Washington DC in early December.