Roanoke Police Say Hit and Run Victim Was on Crutches

Roanoke, VA - Roanoke Police want to find the driver of a pick-up truck involved in a hit and run that left a woman, who was on crutches, seriously injured Tuesday night.

Friday police released security video taken from inside Melrose Hardware.

It all happened in the 2300 Block of Melrose Avenue.

Police want to point out that the victim was on crutches. That fact is important because several vehicles drove past this woman-- one even slowing down.

It is those witnesses investigators would like to talk to see if they can provide any more information on this accident.

Police also point out the older model pick up that hit the woman, also brakes briefly before hitting her.

Investigators also want to point out this accident happened in an area that sees a lot of pedestrian traffic because of its proximity to Melrose Towers.

Police have not released the woman's condition but say she is still in the hospital as of Friday afternoon.

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