Roanoke Police Investigating Two Armed Robberies, Looking for Woman

Roanoke, VA - Roanoke Police are looking for a woman they believe may have robbed two different stores in Roanoke.

One robbery happened Monday night the other early Tuesday morning.

Roanoke Police are looking for the woman caught in surveillance video to help them solve two cases.

The first case happened Monday 8:30 p.m. at a Replay Games location when a woman who matches that description asked the young 19-year old clerk for change before she struck.

Shannon Huff is the teen's manager.

"It was the experience of a lifetime for her. Very shaken last night. Kind of numb feeling. A little lost," said Huff.

The thief claimed she was armed then took money from the open till before taking off.

Huff has never seen anything like this in her 10 years in retail management and is just glad the clerk followed her training.

"Just to be patient and do whatever is asked of her. Nothing in this store, product wise, would be worth a life," said Huff.

Six hours later, a woman matching a similar description did the same thing at a Stop In on Brandon Avenue. She walked in, asked for change, claimed a weapon and took money.

"Anything to draw the clerk's or a person's attention away from... you know, make them feel comfortable in some way. That's pretty common or can be common," said Sgt. Sandy Duffy with Roanoke City Police.

"Just gotta pray for the best in this situation and hope they do get the person involved," said Huff.

The fact that the woman, or women, announced a weapon as a threat pushes these crimes to a new level even though no weapon was shown. As investigators say, they are investigating two armed robberies and not two larcenies.