UPDATE: Roanoke Police, Fire Officials Investigate Body Found in Burning Car

Roanoke, VA - Police have identified the body of a person found in a burned out car.

Eugene Cecil, 69, of Roanoke was discovered after firefighters responding to a car fire early Monday.


Roanoke, VA - Roanoke Police are investigating a body found early Monday morning by firefighters working to put out a car fire.

Investigators are calling this a death investigation and a joint fire department and police department effort is underway.

The call went out to firefighters just before 4 a.m., bringing crews to the 400 block of Allison Avenue in Roanoke's Old Southwest district. When they arrived, they found a car sitting here in front of this subdivided home fully involved.

The victim was found in the driver's side seat.

Neighbors say the car in question belongs to an older man that lives in the house. They said the gentleman suffered from serious health issues, including diabetes, the need for dialysis and bottled oxygen.

Monday at the Roanoke Police Department's forensic garage, investigators were sifting through the wreckage looking for clues. Police will continue to investigate until they can answer more questions they will not be able to determine if this death was suspicious.

Several of the person's neighbors say they are saddened by the events.

"Something happened that was tragic for all of us because... we don't want this to happen. There's no explaining it, to us, yet but... we're grieving," said neighbor Joel Richert.

Police say they are still working on the victim's identity and notification of next of kin.