Roanoke Police Cite More Than A Dozen Skateboarders

Roanoke, VA - Roanoke Police say they have cited at least 15 skateboarders, over the past week, in an effort to stop damage being caused to the newly renovated Elmwood Park.

Officials say within the first 24 hours of the park's opening there was some $20,000 worth of damage.

Most visible is the damage on four benches that could end up costing taxpayers $5,000, a piece, to fix.

Officers have stepped up patrols in the park and have been selectively enforcing a city ordinance that prohibits skateboards from city sidewalks.

"We have some flexibility built into that city code. Discretion, if you will but what we're looking at here is reasonableness. It's just unreasonable to come down here and to tear up brand new public property," said Deputy Chief Tim Jones.

Officers have also confiscated a dozen skateboards, or scooters, that are related to the citations.