Roanoke Police Adjust Security for Blue Ridge Marathon

Roanoke, VA - Less than a week after a twin bombing at the Boston Marathon, Roanoke's Police Chief is adjusting security for Saturday's Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon.

For marathon committee member John Carlin, the last few days preparing for the big race have really taken on a new form since the attack on the Boston Marathon.

"We have to do everything we can do working with local police and emergency officials to try to prevent the unthinkable," said Carlin.

Throughout the morning, Carlin was meeting with officials from all levels of the government at the Roanoke Police Station trying offer advice and gain confidence in the security changes underway.

"I am thrilled with the response by the Roanoke Police Department. They stepped up and were working on this before we even called them," said Carlin.

"At this point we don't believe we are overkill," said Roanoke City Police Chief Chris Perkins.

"We believe we've got the uniform presence needed. We've augmented that with a plain clothed presence to be in the crowds," he said.

And more that Perkins can't talk about.

Perkins says typically he would have roughly 2-dozen officers assigned to the race.

While he won't say, suffice to say Saturday there will be a lot more.

"Nothing like a police state, which is what we wanted to avoid. We want it to be a community event and we want it to look that way," said Perkins.

Reassuring news for many restaurant employees who work at the finish line.

Ones we spoke with are just hoping people still come out and enjoy what's becoming a big downtown weekend.

"I'm hoping we'll have a fun, busy weekend and we won't even have time to worry about it," said Caroline Kormann who woks at Fork In The Market.