Roanoke Piggly Wiggly Fighting for More Access

Roanoke, VA - As VDOT wraps up work on a $7.9 million roundabout in Southeast Roanoke, one local business is making a last-minute push to get a change considered.

The Piggly Wiggly near the roundabout says it lost an important access point in the project, and is suffering because of it. An online petition has been circulating that is looking to instigate a change in the area.

VDOT just wrapped up the project and says they have gone through all the proper channels for approval including public hearings.

One of the reasons Chad Burdette and his family decided to change their brand from I-G-A to Piggly Wiggly is to make up for business he says is being lost because of V-DOT's new roundabout just outside his store.

"They took my stop light out and installed a median which kind of cut me off from traffic from the Garden City area," Piggly Wiggly Manager Chad Burdette said.

While Burdette agrees with the city and state that the roundabout is reducing the traffic issues in the area, he says the lack of access is affecting customer choices.

"It's just been real negative as far as getting into the parking lot with my customers," Burdette said.

Bill Thomas is a Piggly Wiggly customer who signed the petition calling for change. He also agrees that the closed access doesn't hurt dedicated business as much as the drive by potential.

"[It's] just a big deterrent. And unfortunately they made the decision not to put it back. Why not? It's not hurting anything," Thomas said.

There is still access to the store, just not the access everyone is used to.

"They see the traffic flow. They see the people aren't happy with the outcome of this project and maybe we can get a change made," Burdette said.

It's important to note the Burdette's do not own the property where their store is located, and the city says they have not heard from the landowners over the issue.

Regardless, city leaders will soon file a request to have VDOT study the traffic numbers again to ensure the original projections are accurate. If they are and the roundabout is working fine, no changes will be considered.

To see or sign the online petition, click here.