Roanoke Officials Warn Residents to Stay out of Floodwaters

This day care was evacuated Wednesday as floodwaters rose fast from heavy storms.

Roanoke, VA - With numerous roads underwater in Roanoke from heavy rain Wednesday, Roanoke Fire and EMS has a warning for those venturing out near flooded areas Wednesday night.

"I saw some pics of folks swimming and kayaking in today's flood waters. This is very dangerous!,"

Fire/EMS spokesperson Tiffany Bradbury said.

Urban and city flood waters are considered hazardous and may contain sewage, pesticides and other bacteria, not to mention snakes and dead animals.

"They can make you very sick," Bradbury said.

For more information on the flooding in Roanoke City, including road closures, click here.

-ABC 13 Meteorologist Jamey Singleton