Roanoke Officials Warn of Live Wires, Trees Down

Roanoke, VA - The City of Roanoke is experiencing a large number of wires down calls.

Roanoke Fire / EMS is responding to these wires as quickly as they can.

If you notice a power line that is down, please report it and Roanoke Fire-EMS say they will get there as soon as possible.

"Right now we have 10 wires down calls pending in the E-911 Center. Please do not approach the line or go near it because it could be a live wire posing an electrocution hazard. Roads are also becoming very treacherous, so if you don't have to be out tonight we recommend you stay home," said spokesperson Tiffany Bradbury in a statement.

Also, many people are seeing power outages in their neighborhoods. AEP reports over 75 thousand people without power in Virginia as of this writing.

Roanoke Fire and EMS Offered The Following Tips:

- Never run generators inside of your home. This is a carbon monoxide


- Never leave space heaters/kerosene heaters unattended. Keep a three foot

perimeter from anything combustible.

- Never use your stove to heat your home.

- Use caution when using wood stoves/fire places.

- Use flashlights instead of candles.

- Check your smoke detectors.