Roanoke Jeweler Makes Birthday Gift for Betty White

Roanoke, VA - For nearly 20 years Ginger Mumpower has operated two Ginger's Jewelers locations.

That is until 2007 when she decided to take a break and see what else was out there. But now she's back in a big way designing a birthday gift for Golden Girl Betty White.

A ring and matching bracelet were made just for White, who received them at her 91st birthday party.

Jason Gilmore asked Ginger Mumpower for her help since he's a regular customer at Ginger's Jewelers.

"He said he was going to Betty's birthday party and wanted to give her a gift," said Mumpower.

Until this past November, the longtime Roanoke jeweler was on a five year break of sorts. Trying to figure out "what's next" even led her to an unsuccessful run at the Virginia General Assembly.

But five years was enough, so she opened up shop again at Towne Square Mall.

"It was a five year break that just seemed to vanish. It's like I never left, so It's really good to be back," said Mumpower.

Soon after, Gilmore came looking for an idea for a personal present for his dear friend Betty.

"Her stone is garnet. What was her husband's birthday? And it came back and said October. I said, "Ok That's opal. Those stones go together perfectly"."

Seeing Ms. White's expression is why Mumpower came back. A gift that brought a woman to tears who likely has everything she could ever want.

"It's just so moving. It means so much. That's when I know I got it right as a jeweler when you can see that emotion and know it was a powerful message," said Mumpower.

Ginger is not new to high profile jewelry. In fact, the gentleman in the story, Jason Gilmore, also had Ginger hand craft a ring for Lorretta Lynn as well. She's also done work for Andy Rooney, Joan VanArc and the entire cast of the Walton's for their 40th year reunion in 2011.