Roanoke Flood Victims Still Cleaning Up

Roanoke, VA - Several people in the Roanoke Valley are still cleaning up after the storms that blew through our area Wednesday Night.

One family is dealing with $8,000 in damage and no help from their insurance company.

"I open the door to go downstairs and all I could see was water, and I think I just stood there for a moment," flood victim Jennifer Patterson said.

In the Patterson's basement sat inches of water.

"I could not believe how much water was in the basement in that short amount of time," Patterson said.

The Patterson's suspect the storm drains outside were over loaded with water, and became clogged. The water, having nowhere to go, flooded into the house through a drain in their basement.

"Everything was just underwater and had no idea what to do," Tom Patterson said.

With more questions than answers after the flood, Tom Patterson called ServPro.

Expecting to get an after-hours answering machine, he was pleasantly surprised.

"It was very nice to call someone like ServPro, and just to hear someone on the other side, putting you at ease, knowing that someone was aware of the damage, that we were on the list, and someone would be contacting us to get it moving forward, allowed us to sleep that night," Tom Patterson said.

ServPro received more than 60 calls for water damage in the days following the storm. Matt Collins is a Crew Chief for the clean-up company. He says when a house is flooded by a backed up storm drain, it may not just be rain water that is contaminating the house.

"It's coming from everywhere, the run off of parking lots, oil drippage, basically from fertilizer and yards. There are so many different things," Collins said.

While the Pattersons are looking to replace furniture and carpet, they say the biggest loss is the nearly $500 in books that Jennifer Patterson had collected over a long career as a preschool teacher.

"It is just books, but it's a huge part of our classroom, and my students love the books that I have found over the years," Jennifer Patterson said.

ServePro said their crews have been working 12 hour days to try and get all of their customers dried out as quickly as possible.