Roanoke Elementary School on Lockdown

Roanoke, VA - Roanoke Police are trying to figure out how two bullet holes ended up in an elementary school which put the school on lockdown for most of the day.

Dozens of officers and deputies descended on Hurt Park Elementary around 11:30 this morning.

Investigators do not know when the holes were made or what caliber of weapon was used.

They were found in the door of an unoccupied pre-school classroom.

Throughout the early afternoon concerned parents came to the school to get their kids but most were turned away as police and district officials investigated.

"This sort of thing is scary... but the most important thing is that our kids are chipper and they are doing exactly what we've trained them to do and that's perfect," said district superintendent, Dr. Rita Bishop.

Students began filing onto buses for the trip home just after two o'clock.

Police say, as a precaution, extra security will be on hand at all district schools the rest of the week.