Roanoke Daycare Closing; Parents And Teachers Get Week's Notice

Roanoke, VA - A Roanoke daycare has left six staff members looking for a job... and about two dozen kids looking for a new daycare.

They were all just told the Wellington Academy's doors are closing in a week.

One father says he was told the academy was being bought by local daycare chain, HoneyTree.

According to Kartic Padmanabhan, he got word that Wellington was closing its doors just last Friday, - set to go into effect this Friday.

Then shortly after he says a HoneyTree rep was offering the families a place at one of the chain's many Roanoke Valley locations.

Problem is, according to Padmanabhan, he and many friends at Wellington previously left HoneyTree for the more expensive - and in Padmanabhan's opinion - more intensive daycare program at Wellington.

He says they got great programs at Wellington for one price .. and things are different at Honeytree.

"Now all of a sudden you have to go back to the basic daycare where everything is an additional price and added on. All those things made Wellington great and that is why we chose it... but now it's like we're out on a lurch," said Padmanabhan

There is some good news.

Some of the teachers have been hired as nannies, including by the Padmanabhan's, while everyone figures out what to do next.

A call to HoneyTree administrative offices was not returned and Wellington representatives were not available to comment either.