Roanoke Court Papers Show New Details on Man Charged With DUI in Fatal Crash

Roanoke, VA - Papers filed in Roanoke Circuit Court provide new details about the man police say was driving drunk and caused a fiery crash on Interstate 581 last month that left two truck drivers dead.

A grand jury decided Monday charges against Timothy Wellons will move forward. Wellons' exact blood alcohol level has not been released, but the documents show it was above .20, which is more than twice the legal limit.

That was determined after blood and urine samples taken from Wellons were tested.

A grand jury indicted Wellons on Monday of two counts of aggravated involuntary manslaughter for the deaths of Kenneth Graham and Paul Golding. He is also charged with DUI.

The crash on 581 happened on June 12. Other drivers reported to State Police that they saw Wellons driving erratically and that he lost control of his car. Those witnesses say Wellons hit a tractor trailer, which was forced across the median and hit another semi head on. Two more cars ended up plowing into the wreck.

According to a search warrant, Wellons admitted he had been drinking at work before the crash.

Police searched Wellons' office at Uniselect on Dale Avenue in Roanoke, and took a cup and mug, both filled with brown liquid, off his desk.

Wellons was taken to Roanoke Memorial Hospital after the crash where police say the smell of alcohol was strong on his breath, and his speech was slurred.

Wellons is also charged with assaulting an ER nurse who was attending to him. Police say Wellons had to be restrained after grabbing the woman, to keep from hurting her.

Wellons is in the Roanoke City Jail.