Roanoke County Schools Adding Security Measures

Roanoke Co. VA - The Roanoke County School District has awarded a 1.2 million dollar contract to upgrade school security.

The contract, awarded to Salem company, Simplex Grinnel, which has told the district the new system will be in place within eight weeks.

These cards would only be issued to staff.

Visitors will have to scan a driver's license for entry.

The card system would also give school access to local law enforcement in the event of an emergency.

The system would be controlled by a central computer hub that would also be equipped with "panic buttons."

"You should expect when you come in you're going to have to go through the buzzer system before you get through the door. You're going to have your driver's license scanned and looked at for a background search before you get a visitor's license. And you're going to have all the doors on lock down mode with electronic keys," said Director of Operations, Marty Misicko.

The district is also looking to upgrade cameras and school entrances in the future to coincide with the security changes.

The money will come from postponed capital projects that include three planned field houses.

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